Xenwingo’s proactive strategy in enabling business continuity
What is business continuity, and
why is it crucial to your business strategy?
Why us for your Business Continuity Service?
Our simple, yet effective, 3-step plan
  • When striving to recover from a disaster, you'll need access to everything you've lost, including your computer settings. As such, XenWingo provides a backup of not only files but also images, offsite storage, and virtual systems.
  • A foolproof recovery plan in the case of a disaster can be taken quickly and with minimal communication. We also have alerts in place to help notify you at every level if an accident occurs, that way, you will be fully prepared for immediate recovery.
  • Testing ensures that all the systems are operational and that our approach has been implemented successfully. If there are any failures in system functionalities, we'll know before it hurts your business.
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