Highly Secure Email and Network for your Business
Email and Network Security
Why is Xenwingo best for your
Email and Network Security?
Best-in-class Network Analysis
We have a team of network engineers who are experienced in analyzing networks and finding potential vulnerabilities.
Top Quality Tools and Software
With our network & email security service, we offer a top-tier procedure with the latest technology in anti-virus, firewalls, password settings, anti-spam and more.
24/7 remote monitoring
Our team of dedicated network engineers is actively monitoring remotely in case of any potential problems. As such, suspicions of intrusion can be dealt with at once.
Cloud-Based Service
Your networks will be easily & securely accessed via the Internet, so your security follows you wherever you are, ensuring safety from disasters that could affect your work.
Your Security Checklist
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
With the highest grade of protection again spam and malware you’re stopped from both receiving and sending, dangerous content.
Security Settings & User Authentication
Password management services, network firewall security, two-step verification, and other security settings ensure that you, and only you, have access to your networks and emails.
Regular Updates & Upgrades
We install necessary updates to your systems and services to ensure security vulnerabilities are immediately patched.
Scanning Capabilities
Regular sweeps of your systems to check for problems and irregularities, help us catch, identify, and deal with any problems before they can disrupt your business.
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