Xenwingo's Desktop as a Service (DaaS):A complete desktop experience on the cloud
What is DaaS?
  • Desktop as a service is one of the most crucial factors for a complete and seamless cloud service experience.
  • Carrying your desktop around is unviable and unnecessary in this era of rapidly evolving virtualization technology. Xenwingo's DaaS provides a virtual desktop with all the functionalities of a system integrated within, including important files, applications and software.
How does it make your life easier
and Why Choose XenWinGo’s DaaS?
With a virtual desktop, the system can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
The ability of a hosted system to recover from attacks is heightened, as compared to on-site systems, thanks to data backup and additional layers of security
The lack of hardware makes security solutions easy to adopt, as security only needs to be focused on data, not the system peripherals.
Economic viability
The removal of system upgrades, hardware, expensive storage, and the addition of simple scaling makes DaaS the most cost-effective solution
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